domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

Five-a-side Football in Ceará

Ceara is known to be the land of light, of the Sun, of the Rendeiras, of the Tapioca cooks, of Iracema Beach and its spectacular landscape. It is in paradise where we found the Brazilian Confederation Training Center of Five-a-Side Football. Located just 15minutes from Fortaleza, capital city of Ceara State, in a city named Caucaia
The Five-a-side football is the sport most played in Brazil with more than 333.000 professional athletes playing in 4.300 Clubs – according to CBFS, and even around 10.500.000 amateur soccer’s players in our country, according to the survey published at – “Atlas do Esporte” a press edited by Government Department of São Paulo. The five-a-side football is present in more than 120 countries in all over the continents with about 1.700.000 athletes rolled on at Fifa. The media and spectator’s interest has grown so much that five-a-side football has lost in audience only to soccer and volley ball. Two thousand and eight is the year of the Fifa’s Five-a-side Football World Cup. Therefore, the Training Center has been fully equipped with all technical structure needed for this World Cup games. In order to welcome the athletes and the professional coachers from several international delegations who are coming to the Cup as well as to fringe events competitions, the Training Center - CT was developed with the highest sports technology This whole structure was build to arrange the best and the most modern for five-a-side footballers.
This real five stars hotel is fully operating 40 comfortable double rooms, gymnastic center highly equipped to offer efficiency to physical trainers, as well as physiotherapy room; medical care, dentist; conference room, restaurant, sauna, audience, outdoor court and a sophisticate gardening architectural project to settle down the respectable athletes. The training gym’s floor was build with top technology. Dampers, rubber made, were developed to avoid high impacts and protect athletes from injury.
By the occasion of the Forth Grand Prix, in June 2008, Brazil became champion four times over. The moment was important to celebrate the results and, at the same time, to introduce the Center of Training to athletes and technical team of 15 international delegations. Let’s hear some of their opinion and commentaries. -It’s a great happiness to receive 15 delegations from several countries of globe that have come to Ceará to our fourth Grand Prix.
- At this moment I’m where it was built the five-a-side football facilities in Brazil. It is a beautiful installation with a great capacity to work in. For me, it means the future because it is full of everything we need to develop a good job.
- Now we have our home. Our installations are perfect. The most important is to be in operation. We don’t have to get out of here to anywhere else manly at the training time. So we have everything that is necessary to prepare our athletes to an important sports event.
-On behalf of South American Confederation of Five-a-Side Football, I’m taking part in the fourth Grand Prix of Brazil. I’m really impressed by organization of this event, a perfect organization. I congratulate everybody that has organized this cup which is a pride for five-a-side football. Today our friend Aécio showed us that he is able to be an example to all over the America. We must follow him and copy his example.
The Brazilian Confederation of Five-a-Side Football has also a daring and respectable social project. Its goal is to support about 600 poor children and teenagers from Caucaia and Fortaleza introducing them to the sport, and also by offering them: free meal, medical care, social services, lectures and socialization classes. Come to visit our Center of Training of Five-a-Side Football. Here at our home we want to give our best to fulfill your needs. We wish you feel at home.

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